Monday, November 19, 2012


 Riddle me this? What happens when
you allow your family to choose
their own costumes...FLAIR.
 Tyler's 2nd Grade Concert: Seussical
Best in Show...T.D!
Trunk or Treat!
Who is that masked man?
 The Nerd before she liked brains

 The "Bee Attitude"...or Georgia Tech Loser
Annual Trunk or Treat
 with Cousins
 Auntie Jewrie's Bday
with traditional candle

 Trip to the Ga Aquarium with
Dan, Stirling, and Hailey!
...and others.
Cousins Scavenger Hunt

 Momma always told me there were
bigger fish in the sea
 Moby Dick
 The strangest exhibit at
the Aquarium

 The Sting Ray and the Sting rays
 Now she'll get her just desserts!

 THISTERS! (Sisters with a lisp) 

A frog and a dolphin
One of us is
hot-blooded, the other
is warm.
It was love at first sight
They speak the same language
...squeaks and grunts.
Alyssa chose the one that most
closely resembles her...colorful!
Oh look- a cute
homeless child!
Feel the love Flipper!
The Grand Finona!
(According to cousins
Reagan and Tyler)
Its not real Julie.
Daddy just loves all
creatures of the
sea, especially
the tasty ones.
Caught in the act...

Sugar Grandaddy
Thank you for the
perfect day!

Alyssa's hat on the
effects of gravity for
a school project.
Creativity on parade.
Fancy Nancy with her
little sister and
her gravity hat.

Alyssa's class wearing their hats
that demonstrate different
scientific principles. 
She kept having to tell
people "I'm not a
princess, I'm a
moody star."
Spiderman caught climbing where
he shouldn't be.
                  Thrilled to Death...look closely-
                    I think it was Puss in boots,
                        in the conservatory,
                          with the bottle. 

Off to charm the neighbors for
more candy.
Who's that creepy uncle in the
A future Zumba instructor
Happy Halloween!

Clint: Clint rocking the mullet and 'stache. No wonder Wendy married him if he can make even this look good. Believe it or not, I was not going to dress up on Halloween- but Disco Stu insisted that we dress up and that I draw a stache on his face.  Then he kept jive walking through the streets about 20 paces behind our lil trick or treaters...cementing his image of super creepy. 


Wendy: Can you point me to the disco? Halloween was filled with Thrilling parties, trunk or treat, trick or treat, fall festivals, Zombie make overs, and a trip to the aquarium with Dan and his family.  We had a scavenger hunt throughout the aquarium-What a blast!
Christian: Do you wanna know what killed him? Chores.  Actually, the sound a zombie makes is much like Christian's groans when I ask him to put away his laundry.  To be fair, he is the best undead chore follower around.  He also specializes in undead babysitting, hugs, gaming, scouting, camping, and wrestling.
Alyssa: A zombie nerd still has to be conscientious of the current fashion trends.  Ever creative and filled with compassion, Alyssa brings a softer side to the Zombie community.  It's too bad she never got to have that 10th birthday. RIP goose!    

Tyler: Spiderman, Spiderman-does whatever a Tyler can- LOOKOUT, here comes my Tyler Man...We have a system now that whenever Spiderman's stunts break plates or other household objects- that he gives us cash.  I think Clint may be able to retire soon off the profits.


Reagan: aka...Adurey Hepburn in her younger days, before Breakfast at Tiffany's. She was posing all night and had many admirers.  Reagan is full of spunk and love- never ceasing to scream "I LOVE YOU!" 
There are few things in this world of more value than family-
Cherish them and you will be truly rich!